My name is Vince Ekroot, ex-US Army officer and a former teacher.

When I left the army in 1987, I returned to Minnesota and immediately established my guiding business. Being a fishing guide has been my primary source of income since May of 1987.

In the last few years I've discovered a lake where I can do well on two to five pound lake trout all summer. Brook trout are only found in relatively difficult to get to lakes and tend to bite best in the spring and fall. Rainbow trout and splake are aggressive all summer and they are the trout that I fish for the most. Ice fishing is a blast; you can catch rainbow, splake, brook, and lake trout when you visit me in the winter! I firmly believe that I am the only guide on the Gunflint Trail guiding for stream trout in lakes.

I also fish for walleyes, smallmouth bass, and, occasionally, bluegills. I catch a whole bunch of all of them. I, and people with me, have caught a lot of trophy-sized fish over the years, but that's not my primary focus. I prefer to put people on large numbers of eating sized fish (most of my clients take fish home) and occasionally someone still catches a trophy.

Limit Out with Little Vince
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Vince guides you to a great catch of fish on the Gunflint Trail
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